Steve Coleman and Five Elements: 2016 Detroit Residency

From Oct 16 through Oct 28 2016, Steve Coleman and Five Elements will present a residency in Detroit for the first time. The primary location of activities will be The Carr Center, Spread Art, MOCAD, with special events around the city.

  • Performances
  • Workshops in local area schools, The Carr Center and Spread Art
  • Outreach Programs for the Community

Most activities will be at The Carr Center.

This is a collaboration of M-Base Concepts, Inc., The Carr Center, Spread Art and MOCAD.


Steve Coleman and Five Elements have presented successful residencies all around the country. These residencies are designed to generate energy in the areas where they occur, educate local musicians and introduce audiences to creative and progressive music.

Please join our creative music community at, if you are interested in exploring new perspectives in creative music (registration is free).

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